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On December 1st 2011 I started losing weight, in about 8-9 months I lost 137 pounds.
Im grown enough to admit, in the last 2 months I fell off my routine due to stress, depression, a huge move across country and general lack of motivation.
I gained about 25 pounds back, im trying not to be hard on myself but its difficult because I worked so incredibly hard and I seen how good I looked and I let go of that. I feel a difference, in my face, stomach, and it really bothers me. I think if I make a blog about it and hold myself accountable ill stay on track better..
Earlier, I took a walk ( 2.45 miles) and jogged on and off, I noticed when I began to jog my feet still felt made me feel hopeful like not all is lost.
So, As of November 10th 2012 Im back on my routine..or getting there
I know slowly but surely ill regain what I lost with the fearless determination to keep it. Here I go again. :) Wish Me Luck!

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